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Eco Tour Package
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Eco Tour Package

Enhance your stay with an unforgettable eco-tour adventure! Discover the natural beauty and wildlife of the Outer Banks through a guided boat tour.

Enjoy insights into local birds, marine life, and coastal flora while learning about conservation efforts.

This educational tour is perfect for nature enthusiasts and offers a unique experience to understand the local ecosystem.

Weather-dependent; bring binoculars, a camera, sunscreen, and a hat for sun protection.

Phone: +1 (252) 619-3633

Duration: 30-45 minutes

Capacity: Upto 6 people

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Painting Parties
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Local Color OBX

Unleash your creativity with Local Color OBX, the top spot for painting parties on the Outer Banks.

Located in Timbuck II Shopping Village, this studio offers fun, guided painting sessions for all ages and skill levels.

Perfect for any occasion, from birthday parties to team-building events, you can bring your own refreshments and enjoy a relaxed, artistic experience.

Create lasting memories while making your own beach-inspired artwork.

Join a scheduled event or book a private party to enjoy a unique, creative outing.

Discover the joy of painting in a supportive and vibrant community setting.

Phone: +1 (252) 564-8737

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Wedding/ Event Organizers
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"I Do OBX" specializes in crafting beautiful wedding experiences in the Outer Banks, North Carolina.

This service likely caters to couples looking for a picturesque beach wedding, offering everything from venue selection to local vendor coordination.

With its focus on the natural beauty and romantic settings of the Outer Banks, "I Do OBX" promises a seamless and memorable ceremony by the sea.

They provide full ceremony packages tailored to your vision, ensuring a stress-free experience so you can relax and enjoy every moment.

Their dedicated team is committed to making your dream wedding a reality.

Phone: +1 (252) 996-0309

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Satellite Parking 1
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Corolla Parking and Storage

Corolla Parking and Storage offers a convenient solution for visitors without 4x4 vehicles, enabling them to access our properties in the 4x4 beach areas.

Upon parking their non-4x4 vehicles, guests can take advantage of a shuttle service that transports them directly to our property located within the exclusive 4x4 area.

This arrangement ensures that all visitors can enjoy the unique beach experience without the need for a 4x4 vehicle, providing seamless access to the beauty and adventure that the area has to offer.

The parking facility is secure and monitored, offering peace of mind while you explore.

Additionally, the shuttle service operates on a flexible schedule to accommodate your arrival and departure times.

Phone: +1 (252) 599-2278

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Satellite Parking 2/ Shuttle Service
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North Beach Recovery

North Beach Recovery offers an ideal solution for guests without 4x4 vehicles visiting properties in the 4x4 beach zones.

Park your standard vehicles at the secure satellite parking space and use the convenient shuttle service for direct transport to our 4x4 region property.

This setup ensures effortless access to the beach's natural wonders and adventures without needing a 4x4 vehicle.

Phone: +1 (252) 453-0573

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Jeep Rentals/ Satellite Parking 3
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Outer Banks Jeep Rentals

Outer Banks Jeep Rentals offers adventurous visitors the chance to explore North Carolina's scenic coastlines with ease and style.

With a selection of well-equipped Jeeps, customers can navigate the sandy dunes and hidden beaches independently, making each journey uniquely memorable.

Catering to various rental needs, from short trips to extended explorations, it's the perfect way to experience the Outer Banks' natural charm.

Phone: +1 (252) 715-4400

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Grocery Delivery/ Catering Services
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Delivery Genie

Delivery Genie Outer Banks offers a convenient grocery and essentials delivery service to your vacation rental, simplifying your stay.

Ideal for families and groups, it ensures you can enjoy your holiday with everything you need delivered directly to you, blending convenience with personalized service for a seamless vacation experience.

Phone: +1 (252) 599-9262

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We Feed the OBX

We Feed the OBX offers convenient grocery delivery services in the Outer Banks, ensuring fresh supplies are directly brought to your doorstep.

Perfect for both visitors and locals, it provides a hassle-free way to enjoy your time without worrying about shopping, emphasizing customer satisfaction and personalized service to cater to your specific needs.

Phone: +1 (252) 455-8737

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Personal Chef Services
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Chef Nate Robinson

Chef Nate Robinson is a personal chef with a rich heritage rooted in the Outer Banks' culinary scene.

Raised in Hatteras Village, Nate's cooking is inspired by the local seafood traditions of his community.

Offering a diverse and flexible menu, he caters to various preferences with a blend of culinary styles.

Nate is committed to delivering exceptional dining experiences across the Outer Banks, from Corolla to Kill Devil Hills, showcasing the region's finest flavors.

Phone: +1 (252) 216-6283

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Chef Claudia Benjamin

Claudia's chef services elevate your dining experience with customized, expertly prepared meals for any occasion.

She specializes in creating memorable dishes tailored to your preferences, ensuring every meal is a celebration of local and seasonal flavors.

Whether it's a cozy dinner at home or a festive gathering, Claudia brings culinary excellence to your table, making every event unforgettable.

Phone: +1 (252) 305-0283

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Massage Services
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Claudia Benjamin

Discover relaxation redefined with Claudia's bespoke massage services.

Choose from our signature massages, enhanced with optional luxuries like Hot Stones and Reiki, or opt for a targeted Chair Massage for swift stress relief.

Our Restorative Facial will leave your skin glowing, while the Ionic Foot Cleanse offers detoxification with an optional scrub and hot stones for ultimate pampering.

Delve into tranquility with a Reiki session or treat your hands to a luxurious Paraffin Dip with massage.

Claudia's offerings are carefully crafted to ensure a personalized and deeply relaxing experience.

Phone: +1 (252) 305-0283

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Flower Decoration/ Event Design Services
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Bells and Whistles

Bells and Whistles at The Flower Field is a distinguished florist and event design company nestled in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Specializing in creating uniquely inspired floral designs and event decors, Bells and Whistles focuses on eco-friendly and customized creations that reflect each client's personal style and preferences.

From crafting beautiful arrangements for weddings to providing decorative services for special events, their expertise lies in translating individual styles into stunning floral artistry.

Utilizing fresh, local cuts alongside global selections, they ensure every detail contributes to making your Outer Banks event memorable.

Phone: +1 (252) 441-9310

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Baby Sitting Services
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Claudia Benjamin

Claudia offers a nurturing and engaging babysitting service, focusing on safety, fun, and developmental activities tailored to each child's needs.

Her commitment to strong communication keeps parents informed and reassured.

With flexible scheduling, Claudia provides a reliable and caring solution for families seeking quality childcare.

Phone: +1 (252) 305-0283

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