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Top Reasons to Have a Wedding on the Outer Banks

  • The Outer Banks is a top destination for 3,000 weddings a year.
  • We have some of the best properties which are rented for weddings every year.
  • Our products are very unique including “The Three Authors” which combines 3 Grandeur houses with 46 beds and 43 baths so you can have a really grand wedding.
  • Hundreds of wedding professionals are available to help plan your dream wedding. We can provide recommendations for catering, photos, wedding planners etc.
  • It is a destination wedding with a full vacation planned for you. When you consider the overall cost it is very affordable compared to many other options.
  • Show stopping oceanfront venues that double as place to stay.
  • Your family and friends will love you for giving them an excuse to visit the Outer Banks!
  • It is within driving distance of major airports and also drivable from lots of east coast locations.
  • The drama of the natural coastal surroundings offers a gorgeous scenic backdrop to your big day.
  • You can have fresh local seafood at your wedding reception.
  • From mini-golf to hang gliding there is no limit to the fun activities you, your guest, and your bridal party can do leading up to and after the big day.

Top Reasons to visit OBX in Spring

  • We offer Lower rates and flexible stay options during Spring
  • The temperature is on the rise, making spring a great time to enjoy surfing, watching dolphins, kayaking, windsurfing, collecting shells and beach glass, or just playing in the sand before the crowds set in.
  • Shops, restaurants and other businesses start opening with great off season prices and fantastic local attractions like lighthouses, museums, local marathons along the shores, and the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach also begin their seasons in the spring.
  • Cool nights are perfect for evening strolls and beach bonfires. The average day-time high is in the upper 60s during the spring. During nights you can sit around the fire and catch up!
  • Outer Banks fishing is great in the spring. From March-May, some of the best surf fishing can be found on the shores of the OBX. And offshore fishermen find May-June better for large tuna, mackerel, wahoo and dolphin catches.
  • The Outer Banks in the spring hosts a number of annual events, everything from music festivals and marathons to bike rallies and food festivals.
  • During May the flowers are beautiful. You can find everything from whole shells and sea glass, to pieces of shipwrecks that can be found on the beach in the spring; and since it isn’t so crowded, you can discover at your own pace.
  • The traffic is very manageable during spring on the Outer Banks during the spring, making your drive here and around the islands much more enjoyable!
  • Several local cultural events take place during spring. So pack light and listen to the stories of how the Outer Banks came to be.
  • Dogs have relaxed leashed laws during the spring so you and your pet can enjoy more of the beach together!

Top Reasons to visit OBX in Summer

  • Our homes are beach front properties so they give you the best Outer banks have to offer during its peak time. Outer banks are home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.
  • Our homes are large enough to accommodate an entire family reunion, weddings or corporate events. Create memories which will last a lifetime.
  • Enjoy several events in the summer including live musical performances, kite festivals, art shows, and sporting events. Make sure to get out and about to see what’s going on!
  • Enjoy Outer Banks shopping and indulge into retail therapy by buying from unique specialty shops and boutique.
  • Book and enjoy the epic story of America’s first English colony “The Lost Colony”, the longest running outdoor historical drama in the United States.
  • Enjoy watersports like never before. Great winds and the best waves on the East Coast create perfect conditions to enjoy watersports.
  • Enjoy summer nights, watching sea turtles laying—or hatching from—eggs and Dolphins.
  • Enjoy “Off- Shore” fishing charter while vacationing on the Outer Banks!
  • Enjoy lovely aerial views by climbing on top of the Outer Bank’s historic lighthouses!
  • Enjoy lovely food at Outer Banks restaurants with award-winning chefs! featuring the freshest local ingredients available.

Top Reasons to visit OBX in Fall

  • Fall is not too hot, not too cold. Average September temperatures are in the low 80s: October and November in the 60s-70s. And the water is pleasant in the mid-60s to mid-70s.
  • Find treasures on the beach early in the morning or after storms including unbroken shells, colorful sea glass, and maybe an OBX shipwreck! Piece.
  • Get ready for the best fishing on the east coast. Pier, surf, sound or charter fishing-it’s all good!
  • Enjoy the lovely food at local restaurants with no wait times.
  • Get fantastic deals on Shopping during fall at unique boutiques, surf shops and local art galleries.
  • Get ready to Golf and enjoy the nice weather.
  • Fall is the perfect time for surfing, kiteboarding, paddle boarding, kayaking or hiking.
  • Host a beach bonfire with smores and cozy blankets.
  • Take part in OBX Marathon, Go on OBX Ghost Tour, Go to the Bluegrass Island festival and more…..

Top Reasons to visit OBX in Winter

  • Enjoy the events on the outer banks including Winter lights at Elizabethan Gardens, Duck Yuletide Celebration, The Annual Holiday at the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum, Touring the Wright Brother’s Memorial and more!
  • Indulge in Some of the Best Outer banks Dining.
  • Turn the fireplace on and watch the waves right outside the window!
  • Get in the hot tub while watching gorgeous scenery and unwinding in the soothing water.
  • Get to know the locals! With less crowd, it is an opportunity to know stories of Outer Banks and hang out with locals.
  • Thanksgiving at the Outer Banks with family and friends. Great time to get together and enjoy vacation while celebrating Thanksgiving at Outer Banks.
  • Get your Christmas Shopping done at the beach! Lots of local shops have great gifts for everyone.
  • Book an exciting charter fishing trip, or go after the abundant schools of rockfish with light tackle from the shore.
  • Watch the natural landscape and the rolling dunes without distraction during the winter months. You’re more likely to find whole shells and colorful sea glass.